D´Ercole, The Art Of Self Destruction, 2010

d´ercole - the art of self destructionPhil Vincent has done it again people. Under the new monicker of D´Ercole (after guitar player Damian) and with some other known compadres like William Arnold on bass and Tane DeAngelis on drums, this release is chock-full of delightful hard rock songs.

Why the new monicker? I think first because all songs are written by Phil, Damian and William. Second this release concentrates on guitars rather than keyboards. There are some keys to support the arrangements, but this is all about massive guitars. Holy cow, sometimes they even seem to invade your home…

Of course the Vincent sensibility for great melodies is never lost. I have heard some people compare this to Dokken and sorts, which is surely an indication of style. At least when they relate to the Dokken on top of their game.
I must also mention that Phil is really broadening his vocal style. Some songs are sung with an aggression not often heard from him before. And I like it!
The production is really sounding big (remember the massive guitars?) so repeated play really makes you like this record even more. Essential for everyone into melodic hard rock, get it and support one of the hardest working men in the business.

Personal play tips: Desperate, Face To Face, Destiny. (but that changes daily)


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