DangerAngel, All The King’s Horses, 2016

danger angel - all the king's horsesAnd back for another Melodic Rock Records release. And man, this one might be dividing the melodic rock crowd like never before. If my memory serves me well, this is the third album from the band and for me, one of the absolute highlights this year. We get 12 songs and 55 minutes of highly infectious and energetic music on this disc.

So I hear you think, why will it divide the MR community? Well, to me it seems that many melodic rock purists, just like the prog scene by the way, have a certain sound they demand from their beloved bands. They want melodies, vocal harmonies, guitars that bite, a supporting role for keyboards and flashy solos. And DangerAngel deliver just that, with one exception…
Their use of keyboards might be way out of the comfort zone for aficionados. As it is modern, almost dance like and not covered up, but clearly audible in the overall sound of the album. And you know what, I LOVE it. This album brings some exciting new colours to the palette! Yes the melodies shine, the guitars rock hard and the solos rip your face, but their clever use of keyboards really gives them an unique identity.

For me it is simple, this is a must buy album for anyone serious about rock. This is way too good to be ignored and has to be heard to believe. Stunning stuff!