Darkwater, Where Stories End, 2010

darkwater - where stories endComing from the friendly people of Ulterium Records (thank you Emil!), this is Swedish band Darkwater with (I think) their second album Where Stories End.
Darkwater play a very melodic version of progressive metal, which manages to attract during first few plays, but gets even better over time. Their playing is stellar as well, so you never get bored. Special attention should go to the keyboards as I really like the sounds and orchestrations used!

But rest assured, this is progressive metal, so plenty of riffing, drum fills, solo’s and so on are on offer here. I find it impressive how they proof able to tie together all their ideas and musical muscles into songs with catchy melodies. Compliments to singer Henrik Bath I guess. Songs like Why I Bleed, Queen Of The Night or Fields Of Sorrow are competent examples of what the band are capable of.
After listening to this a couple of days I can only say this is a great band that deserves to be heard by many. I will be on the lookout for their other output, and highly recommended this to all lovers of the style!