DarWin, 2 A Frozen War, 2020

darwin-2-a-frozen-warOkay progressive rock / metal fans; this is one for you to track down! Just have a look at all the names guesting: Simon Phillips, Matt Bissonette, Billy Sheehan, Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe, Derek Sherinian, etc.! And of course that means nothing if the end result isn’t there, but as far I am concerned, this second album delivers big time. Generous amounts of shred, heavy grooves, and above all entertaining songs with ear-catching melodies. Haven’t heard their first one, but if this is anything to go by, I need to pick that one up too.

For me there is only one flaw, the 5 songs on offer only have a playing time of 31 minutes and that seems rather short. Then again, I’d rather have 5 killer tracks than a bunch of fillers. I understand that the DarWin releases deal with all the challenges mankind will face in the coming era. That makes a perfect backdrop for this music as it is arranged to perfection and is as diverse as you’d expect from a prog band.