Dave Evans and Nitzinger, Revenge, 2013

Dave Evans And Nitzinger - RevengeWhat could become of a collaboration between one of the founding members of AC/DC and one of Texas´ most accomplished guitar players? Well the answer is not all that complicated, as the result is here and called Revenge. Dave Evans has had a successful career after AC/DC, with Rabbit and Solo. John Nitzinger has been legendary since the seventies and has not only enjoyed solo success, but has also been part of bands with Carl Palmer and Alice Cooper. So quite some history here!

The two of them have put this little thingy on the market and as you might expect, this is a solid hard rocking album. Very solid actually. This is a no frills, straight in your face cocktail of where these giants are coming from. So nothing earthshaking new, but simple and honest music that gets the job done as I am quite sure they will raise the roof on every party this lot gets invited to. To the point, enjoyable and very well executed. But then again, we´d expect nothing less. Recommended to anyone who is familiar with the names and if you have never heard of them, but like blues infused hard rock, go pick this up.

Alas I could not find a website, but there is a Facebook page available.


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