Dave Kerzner, Static, 2017

dave kerzner - staticDave Kerzner has been making a name for himself with Sound Of Contact. Or with working with artists like Kevin Gilbert, Steve Hackett, Keith Emerson, Alan Parsons, and many more. Should you still have no clue; he is a singer and keyboardist, as well as a songwriter and producer. And Static is his second studio album. And guesting on this are even more names! Like for instance Nick D’Virgilio, Durga McBroom and Colin Edwin.

Looking at that list it will not be much of a surprise that this is tagged as progressive rock. But like with the music of Kevin Gilbert, this is music that in my humble opinion stretches beyond that. The reason being that this is about songs, and not about technicality. And in songs, melodies are always important. And the artwork gives clues about what to expect. Fake News and faceboot 😉 Yes this is an album about all the clutter in life today. Especially those twisted minds in politics, media or society in general.
The result is an album that is not as dark as the subject would imply. Of course it is not “party all night long” music, but to me it is more melancholic than angry. And as we all know, melancholy is a feeling that reaches out easily and creeps under your skin before you realise it. And when it gives you beautiful songs like Chain Reaction, Trust or in fact any other song on the album, who cares?

Excellent album from start to finish, and another one of those that just keeps getting better.