Dave Kilminster, Scarlet, 2007

dave kilminster - scarletIf forced to name a bad thing about this record, it would be that far too little people know about it. And that is a shame, as this is a wonderful collection of songs from guitar wizard and here also the singer Dave Kilminster.  But more people might know him without actually being aware of that, as he has been playing with the likes of Roger Water, Quango, John Wetton, etc.

I hope this little article will convince more people to check out his work, as I think Dave is not only a great guitar player (with a series of instructional DVD´s as prove) but also writes intelligent songs with a lot of groove, feel and of course fantastic fretwork. As a singer he might not be in the major league, I like his voice anyway. It rings true and is able to project the lyrics in a convincing manner.

While being a star on his instrument, don´t expect a shredder record. This is all about the songs and emotions, the melodies and the groove. I totally dig his guitar sound, from the wonderful crispy clear, the impressive acoustic workout, to the tons of tone in his soloing.
And whilst his past in more progressive outfits shines through in some of the material, I think people who like for instance Richie Kotzen, will like this as well. Nothing too heavy, just a great set everyone should delve into. A little hard to get maybe, but worth tracking down!

Personal play tips: Silent Scream, Big Blue, Chance, and then play the rest of it 😉