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David Huff, Born For This, 2016

david huff - born for thisWell, this is released on Giant Records, and I also read Nashville somewhere. So I bet some of you are now making the same mistake as I did when I saw the last name, Huff. Yes, as it turns out, the Huff name is carried by more people 🙂 (For those not getting it, check for instance this link). David Huff has a long history in the world of music. First as part of David And The Giants, later as a solo artist. And this is effort 6. But in all honesty, I was only aware of one Dann Huff and so far never heard anything from David.

Maybe a word of warning up front, if you cannot stand lyrical content that is strongly referencing the Christian beliefs of David, this is probably not for you. But if you do not mind that, or even enjoy it, or if you like quality pop – rock music, with emphasis on instant melodies, great playing and a state of the art production, then this album is surely something to check out.
From the start with Come On Down, we are treated with the songs of a guy that knows what works. This is class stuff, played and sung from the heart. And even when my press version holds several edits, the album flows and just never tires.

Very worth tracking down, I love it!