David Jerkins Battlestations – Special

So how come a guy that has created over 125 songs, does not have an album? Guess he never felt the need for that. And maybe it is because David does not want to limit himself to a specific genre. So when he got in touch asking if I´d give his work a listen, we agreed upon him sending me a cross-section of his output. With styles ranging from soundtrack, electronic, new age and ambient, to rock and metal in its various appearances.
David is a multi instrumentalist, creating images with sound. He does everything himself, delivering drums, percussion, guitars, bass, and all kinds of electronics on keyboards. He also sings on several of the tracks.

What became evident after listening to this compilation, is that he must have a vivid imagination. A track like Desert Sands convinces and could easily be mistaken for an original Eastern track. Beauty And Glamour is a pop song with a strong New Wave reference. Also his singing fits seamlessly. The groove is close to Midnight Oil´s Beds Are Burning. Cool vibe. Here To Love You mixes electronic dance with rock and works surprisingly well. Almost a more rocking version of Depeche Mode.

As it turns out, David is very comfortable playing guitars and keyboards. He has taste, knows his way around the instruments and is able to convert the images in his head to accessible music. So instrumental tracks like Sad Day and The Chase are great to listen to as well.
But there is room for improvement also. (Hard) rocking tracks like I Hate You, Image or Don´t Say I Didn´t Warn You would benefit from being sung by a real rock singer. David´s voice is a little too clean in my perception. Maybe if he would layer it with harmony vocals? Also the bass is primarily deep. So you feel it rather than hear it. But let´s be honest, all that might be a matter of taste rather than opinion. It still rocks!

So something for everyone and I would like to encourage you to take a dive and listen to this impressive body of work. Just follow the link.