Day Shift, Of Whispers, 2006

day shift - of whispersEverything about this band is intriguing me. The artwork, the name, the album title and most of all, the music. Let me explain.

The obvious roots for this band are in progressive rock. Yet they have managed to add flavours from what can only be described as more new wave based. This gives the arrangements a more contemporary and often alternative feel.

And this has not caused the band a problem. The songs are still very catchy, very rocking, very varied, yet flowing seamlessly. So you get the intriguing part by now.
Sound effects and synthesisers play a big part in the mood shifts on the album. Yet they manage to hold my attention easily. In fact I am still wondering how they are doing it. So no dull moments here!
All in all it makes it easy for me to just plain love this album. Whether wonderful soft moods, or more hard rocking moments, the conviction at display here is just spell binding. Too bad it is hard to pick their titles up. Even the website is off the radar now, though the presence at MySpace is still there. Check this out!

Personal play tips: The Queen Of Whispers, Evil People In Cars, Shift.