DBA, Skyscraper Souls, 2017

dba-skyscraper-soulsIn full this is the Downes Braide Association. With Geoff Downes being the prog rock legend from the Buggles, Asia and Yes. And Chris Braide being a master in pop hits with the likes of Beyonce, Lana del Rey and Britney Spears to name a few. It is their third album together and according to the press sheet their most progressive so far. I would not know, as this is the first I have been listening to.

Well, with someone with such a pedigree in hits, it will not be a surprise that melodies are very important on this album. Even the 18 minute title track has many moments that catch your ear with ease! The good thing with melody is of course is that they catch your attention easily. Yet in this case that does not mean the material is lightweight or plain fluffy. What the duo have created has much more depth. And it is a band effort too, with drummer Ash Soan and bassist Andy Hodge adding their qualities to the songs. As well as guests like Andy Partridge (XTC) and Kate Pierson (B-52’s). And the art from Roger Dean is fitting too, especially since Braide’s voice is not too distant from that certain mister Anderson.

Anyway with 9 songs ranging from 1 to 18 minutes and a total playing time of 53 minutes, this is an album that will appeal to an audience beyond the fairly closed prog rock community. And that cannot be a bad thing!