Deadline, Fire Inside, 2014

deadline - fire inside On the table lies another Bad Reputation release, and this time it is the first full length from (probably) French hard rock band Deadline and it is called Fire Inside. In their early days the band was contacted by famed producer Beau Hill and he produced the first recordings and their 2012 EP. This album however is done by Thierry Velly.

For me this is a bit of a two headed monster. I really like the vibe and power the band lay down. The album is packed with twelve catchy hard rock anthems, albeit in all honesty nothing new is revealed. It is solid, rocks and grooves, as we are accustomed to from all the releases from this label.
My biggest worry however is the voice of singer Arnaud Restoueix. His timbre reminds me a bit of one Axl W.R. at times, but I found his singing unstable at places, like if he tries too much and is pulled out of his comfortable range. So much so that I something think he sings off key. Which is a shame because especially the guitar work, reminiscent of Slash and Doug Aldridge, is pretty good. The lower ranged parts show he can sing right though.

But you be the judge, maybe it is just me.