DeeExpus, King Of Number 33, 2012

DeeExpus - king of number 33To the quality progressive bands “recently” emerging from the UK I can now add DeeExpus. Surely the band with the most uncommon name, although Konchordat are contenders also.

Like those other UK bands written about on these pages, DeeExpus surprise on many levels. Not only for having Mark Kelly of Marillion fame among their ranks, or Nik Kershaw singing on album closer Nemo, but mainly because they succeed in creating an album that works excellently. First they have a lead singer that is (at least in my opinion) above par. No squeaky tones, but warm and melodic and accompanied by wonderful harmony vocals.

Second is the guitar work. Slightly more heavy than the average (neo) prog band, but that is actually how I like them best. And with some of the most melodic solos since Steve Rothery (also Marillion) stopped playing those. Next is the keyboard work. Lovely playing on piano and sorts, but I am especially fond of the incorporation of almost electronical music here and there. Great touch. And last but not least; any band that can write an epic of 25 minutes, divide it into 6 parts, and still make sense, must be doing something right. And that is not all, I have found all the songs on offer to be very good. Lot’s of dynamics, musicianship and just plain well written and performed.

I know this is not their first, so I will go hunting. I suggest you do so too!