Demians, Mute, 2010

demians - muteThis combination of progressive and alternative music proves a challenge to the non expectant listener. And by that I do not want to imply that this challenge is not worth the time. No au contraire!
This is one of those albums that slowly but surely win you over. Never instant, but more and more creeping into your system until you completely surrender.

Nicholas Chapel is a true talent that deserves a large audience. I am guessing and hoping he will one day be on the same level as Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree. A band that can also be seen as reference point for the music of Demians.

The music brings you in a reflective mood, such is the use of dynamics. The one man band takes the time whenever needed and slowly builds songs to their climax . Hypnotizing and mesmerizing (Swing Of The Airwaves, Hesitation Waltz). Or sometimes quick and dirty (Tidal), this is great stuff.