Devin Townsend Project, Ghost, 2011

devin townsend - ghostDevin Townsend. The guy that screamed his way through the Sex & Religion album from Steve Vai? Who released several seriously heavy metal albums with Strapping Young Lad? Who put out a string of solo albums with a wall of sound? That Devin Townsend, yes. Guess that kinda makes us expect something pretty heavy now don´t it? Well if that is the case and also what you need, do not read any further.

Because dear readers, Ghost is anything but heavy. Instead we hear acoustic guitars, flutes, keyboards, some drumming, ethereal vocal harmonies and serene vocals. Very dreamy songs, ambient like. This is a big surprise. Not because I don´t know he is capable of doing this. He has done this type of music before, but always a part here, or a track there. Never a full 72 + minute album. Very relaxed and moody, but what a wonderful album, I keep hitting the play button. This is such an intense experience, it almost hurts. Beautiful is not covering it at all… Buy at sight!