Dewa Budjana, Surya Namaskar, 2014

dewa budjana - surya namaskarFirst, before I get them breathing down my neck, the artwork clearly shows involvement of Jimmy Johnson (bass) and Vinnie Colaiuta (drums) on this new album from Indonesian guitar wizard Dewa Budjana. Just not enough room in the title for all those names. Several from Budjana´s previous outings have already been discussed on this blog and I am only too happy to write some words about this one as well.

Why you ask? Well, first we are talking about some very fine musicians playing together. They also have some guest like Gary Husband and (oh wow) Michael Landau. And besides that, the most striking thing is the ability to write memorable songs with enough melodies and hooks to grab your attention from the start. Because we all already know they are great on a technical level, but in my humble opinion, when technique becomes the target instead of the means, that is when things start to go wrong.
So very happy with the way this one is delivering. Even when sometimes they let it rip, it does not take them long to return to those themes that are pleasing on the ears. Resulting in an album that might rank among the best Budjana has released so far. In my opinion a must for anyone into memorable fusion, spectacular playing, or if you are willing to broaden your musical horizon. Leonardo from Moonjune Records has done it again!