Dignity, Project Destiny, 2008

dignity - project destinyWhile advertised as melodic hard rock (for fans of TNT and Europe), already the opening seconds of the title track (with majestic choirs) suggest that the band stretch beyond that tag. And the rest of the songs only proves that first impression. Melodic all right, and hard rocking as well, but there are definite progressive influences at play here.

But the question is, do I really mind about that? Off course not, in fact, this only adds to the albumsĀ“ appeal. My guess is that the record company has some say in this and, probably inspired by the high pitched vocals of singer Jake E, came up with the TNT and Europe reference.
All that put aside, I think that if you like your melodic hard rock with some progressive twists than this album will do you no harm. Better yet, it is an entertaining disk that walks the walk and talks the talk. Even the Chris De Burgh cover DonĀ“t Pay The Ferryman fits in seamlessly. So pick it up when you have the chance.