Dimension Act, Manifestation Of Progress, 2012

dimension act - manifestation of progress Quite sure this is an album that the more traditional progressive metal followers will lap up easily. After all, 4 songs, with the closing track being a 31 minute epic is sure to raise the adrenaline level with the in-crowd. Luckily for me they divided that track into 6 😉

And to be honest, the first songs did not help me much. Pretty much modern progressive metal by the numbers. Aggressive riffing, a lot of notes from all the musicians, breaks ´n stuff, you know, the works. And lengthy stuff as well, the first 3 songs clock in at over 23 minutes together. So it was kinda strange that ultimately the epic proved to be the track of most interest. Not only because they show a bit more of an identity, but also because this song, Perspectives Chapter 1: Drawing The Lives Of Mortal Existence (with a title like that it wóuld be strange to write a 4 minute song) is to me the most adventurous track. More dynamic, some quieter parts, some female vocals, a lot better to digest and fall in love with.

There is no doubt in my mind that this band (I think they are from Norway) know their stuff and deliver in the chosen field. For me, I like them best when they go a little crazy and draw a bit outside the lines. More colourful that way! Nevertheless, another quality release from ProgRock Records and not only for genre accumulators.