Distorted Harmony, Chain Reaction, 2014

Distorted Harmony - Chain ReactionThe previous Distorted Harmony album gathered quite some praise, and not only from these pages. And some 2 years later they are back with this current release. And after such a first impression, how does one follow that up? Well the boys probably did not over think things, moved on, and just set out to raise the bar on all levels.

Yes dear reader, this is at least as good as its predecessor! And since this sees them pushing more boundaries, its probably even better. The dynamics on this album are overwhelming. From ultra heavy to whisper soft, from alternative sounding bone crushing riffs to melancholic subtlety, they manage to deliver. Singer Misha Soukhinen again shows his enormous versatility and tops the already high quality performances from his band mates. And still, even he managed to explore new territory!

This is an album that does not need many words but requires a simple action, buy it! One of the contenders for album of the year in the progressive metal realm so an essential purchase. And again I feel this has cross over appeal to people into more heavy sounds, as well as those more into alternative music. I am hooked!


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