Distorted Harmony, Utopia, 2012

distorted harmony - utopiaThere are many contenders for the premier division of progressive metal. And many of those try to win votes and buyers by throwing in almost unhealthy doses of rhythm changes, technical riffs and often way to many notes. And forgetting many people just want to be able to relate to songs on an emotional level. I mean, we could all be staring at the sun because it is so impressive, but it will make us blind…

So a band I think has got it really together is this new outfit Distorted Harmony. The fact that they originate from Israel makes them all the more exotic 😉 But what really caught my ear were their songs, delivery and arrangements. The keyboard work is utterly fantastic with mighty orchestrations and delicate piano. The backbone of guitar, bass and drums is as we are accustomed to in this genre. And then the singing. No way near any wolf-like wailing, no this is a real singer that would probably feel at home in about every genre. Here he comes across as someone who could easily fit into any pop or alternative band. And mind you, that is meant as a compliment as he creates a mood that makes it easy to connect to the already often beautiful music.

For me a clear winner with cross over appeal. So not only progressive metal heads should pick this up, but also all people with an open ear for quality and not afraid of some heavy riffing here and there should give it a try. Impressive!