Disturbed, Asylum, 2010

Disturbed - AsylumSite regulars will already know that I have a soft spot for the vocal style of singer David Draiman. Whether he growls, rhythmic spits out his lyrics or uses his more melodic side, I always enjoy his delivery. And of course the music of Disturbed is not really a mystery anymore. The band have a identifiable sound based not only on the vocal work, but also on the staccato nu-metal typed guitar riffs.

So this album holds little surprise. On one hand that is as comfortable as last years winter coat. Feels instantly familiar the moment you put it on. Yet on the other hand I do feel that the band are stretching out a little bit. Nothing all too ambitious though. Maybe a little more melody, some keyboards here and there, that kind of stuff. So nothing to upset the fanbase, but probably enough to keep the musicians happy with themselves.
Again I like listening to a Disturbed album. The raw energy it radiates is always welcome after a day of work. Really lifts the spirits and gets you going again.