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Disturbed, Indestructible, 2008

disturbed - indestructableAnd now for something completely different…

So far a lot of reviews were about progressive bands. Well, this isn´t one of them. Nevertheless, I like this album very much! What you have here is a very tight playing band, with a lot of groove, furious guitar riffing and melodic vocals. A pity the lyrics in the booklet are hard to read.

I believe I first heard them on TV, VH1 or Scuzz most likely. Of course in this type of music there is a lot of compression, thus losing dynamics, but I just love that massive sound and groove.  Singer David Draiman has a very recognizable style. Very rhythmic, articulate, and yet he mostly sings melodies. Sometimes a growl, but no squaling here.
What is also good about them; they use a typical figure (see Eddie from Iron Maiden) in all their artwork.

Personal play tips: Indestructible, Deceiver, Haunted.


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