DIY Pioneers 17 Pygmies Launch Pledge Music Campaign

17 pygmiesOn Wednesday, July 25, 2012 17 PYGMIES will launch a PledgeMusic site in an effort to fund its next CD project titled “Isabel”. In much the same way “Celestina” was the first of a three CD 33 1/3rd trilogy, “Isabel” will be the first of three CDs in a continuation of the story line and sound of the Celestina trilogy.

Currently celebrating its 30 year anniversary, 17 PYGMIES is often remembered for being one of the 1980’s era DIY bands often associated with the creation of the “College” rock sound, now know as “Indie” rock. Strangely, 17 PYGMIES are also remembered by some as “Post-Punk” while other associate the band with early “Dark-Wave,” “Gothic,” and “Ethereal Rock,” which of course is now referred to as “Dream Pop (see Captured In Ice)”.  You have to admit that when combined with being one of the early “World Music” advocates (see Hatikva/Jeddah By The Sea), 17 PYGMIES has managed to cover quite a bit of territory.

However, the Earth was not enough and so 17 PYGMIES eventually took their sound to the blackness of the infinite universe and with the 2008 release of “Celestina” 17 PYGMIES shot an arrow into the sky and landed in the realm of Space/Prog Rock.

If you were part of the first 30 years, we thank you for sharing that part of the journey with us. If you were not, it’s not too late to “get on board” and enjoy the next part of the journey. Hope to see you there.

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