Docker’s Guild, Season 1: The Age Of Ignorance, 2012

Dockers Guild - The Age Of IgnoranceActually, the reason for this write up is quite a sad one. I was somewhat aware of this album, but it was not until Melodic Rock reported about an open message from founder and writer Douglas Docker that I contacted the band about the release. In short, that message was an expression of disappointment as Docker found out that his album, created with blood, sweat, tears and a lot of money, was mainly illegally downloaded, instead of bought. And the simple conclusion is, without money, there can be no follow up. Because, as you will understand from the title, this is supposed to open up a line of releases (5 in total!). And with known guests like for instance Gregg Bissonette, Tony Franklin, John Payne, Göran Edman, Tony Mills or Amanda Somerville, let alone a good studio to let this sound as we expect it to, one needs to make money from selling the album, to be able to continue. A cause I am openly sympathetic to!

So after that rather long introduction, let´s get back to that original task: what is my opinion on this CD? Well that is quite simple: I loved listening to the album! This is very catchy music, that is more melodic than metal. Especially the keyboard work is great and very tasteful (Docker plays them). The concept is of course something familiar for style afficionados. Think Ayreon, Avantasia and sorts. But I feel, that even when this is progressive, it´s emphasis on melody and keyboards sets it apart from those references. The fact that the David Bowie song Loving The Alien finds a place within the concept, is a bonus in my humble opinion. I won´t go into the story here, something you will have to ponder over for yourself after you have laid your eyes on the booklet. 😉 I will conclude by stating I hope in the end everything will turn out for the better and we will get that next album after all, I will be looking forward to it. For that to happen we do need your support, so don´t be shy and start clicking…