Dominici, O3 A Trilogy Part 3, 2008

dominici - o3 a trilogy part 3Singer Charles Dominici slipped under the radar after singing on Dream Theater´s debut album. But a few years back he resurfaced under his own name with the second album to this trilogy. I think he released the first one independently.

So this brings us to the closing chapter of his O3 trilogy. O3 means ozone I am told. His voice has changed in the years in between. It is still recognizable, but has developed into a richer colour, making it even more pleasant to listen to.
Music wise this resembles his old band mates in some ways. But focuses more on songs instead of technique. But still expect instrumental bits and solo´s with a lot going on. With 8 tracks ranging from 4 to almost 11 minutes. So it still is progmetal yet of a more accessible nature, due to the focus on melodies. I guess in some ways the same can be said about the When Dream And Day Unite album by DT.

All in all a safe buy for anyone into this type of music. Lots of riffs, guitars, keyboards, firing drums, altering time signatures and technical solo´s. The more symphonic parts are very beautiful and breathe some fresh air in all that is going on.

Personal play tips: King Of Terror, So Help Me God, Enemies Of God.