Doris Brendel, Not Utopia, 2012

doris brendel - not utopiaFrom where I stand I hope many regular visitors of the site recognize the name Doris Brendel. Not so long ago I featured the new pretty funny video for one of the tracks from this album (Going Out), but also her previous album The Last Adventure as well as the classic The Violet Hour got some space. So yes, you can bet your a** I love her gruff and grainy vocals!

This time partnering with Lee Dunham (vocals, guitars, bass, producer, etc.) Doris came up with another 12 tracks who, as she describes it, are “her”. And without knowing her personally, me thinks that her is wonderful. An eclectic mix of rock, pop and more progressive tinged music, this album is another journey to musical depths. Full of soul, witty lyrics (I put my soul on Ebay, won´t you bid a little higher), dynamic arrangements and for sure one of the most beautiful tracks in a long time, the astounding Without Words (should you need a reason to buy this CD, this track is worth the price alone).

Yes variety is key and yes, probably some people will say it lacks identity. But to me, that is bull, every song on here deserves your undivided attention and is testament of a talent that, would there be any justice in the world, deserves to be bigger than Lady Gaga or who ever. So come on, head on over to your favourite retailer and get this baby. Shockingly awesome.