Doris Brendel, The Last Adventure, 2010

Doris Brendel - the last adventureThis singer first came to my attention in the radio show Progressive X Grooves from Pieter van Veen, who also featured my band Chinawhite at the time. It sounded promising, so I was very glad Sandra from Sky Rocket Records popped a disc in the post for me.

And even better, I was immediately hooked to this album. Doris has a wonderful warm voice with just that little edge I like so much. And while the music is labelled as classic prog, I think that is selling it short. The prog tag is probably caused by the way the songs are approached and arranged, but I think that any serious rock or adventurous pop fan will find this a worthwhile addition to the collection.

The songs are fairly short, with all but one ranging between 3 to 4 minutes. Yet every song counts. Melodies are instant, playing is impeccable. And just listen to Doris stretch her vocal cords on opening song What Are You Saying. Absolutely great!
The regular use of Hammond and the inventive guitar playing is not hurting either. And despite the songs being short, the arrangements are impressive and very inventive. I like that a lot! So I will just say this: pick it up, you won´t be disappointed. By the way, I also see it advertised with a different front cover, but don´t know about that.

Personal play tips: best enjoyed as a whole.


4 thoughts on “Doris Brendel, The Last Adventure, 2010

  1. Hi Peter,

    Lovely to hear back from you and love your review on the album!

    Just to clarify that the album you received is the limited edition album cover and is also available to purchase.

    Many Thanks Peter and look forward to speaking with you in the near future!

    Kind Regards

    Sky-Rocket Records

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