Doris Brendel, Upsidedownworld, 2015

doris brendel - upside down worldIt is always a pleasure to receive word of a new Doris Brendel album. Find her previous work on the blog as well. But what is even better is getting it in your hands to listen to. The new album is out since April 20 and is again made in cooperation with Lee Dunham. I am actually tempted to think that Lee has increased his influence on the songs, as to me it seems the guitar work is even more prominent. And being a guitar player myself, that is not something I mind very much. And looking at all participants, I see a lot more of the Dunham family present, on various instruments as well.

The first song The Devil Closed The Door On Me (great title) strangely reminds me of Sass Jordan. Probably because of the vocals by Doris, that have that similar sexy hoarse edge here. And that over some tasty rock riffs! Adored, the next track, shows another side of the duo. Lovely bass not unlike Pino Palladino and a great, and far more clean vocal delivery of this beautiful song, with it’s aching melody and extended arrangements. Quite proggy at times! Next up is Slap Me And You Die and that is another rocker with a damn catchy chorus. The middle section here is also quite proggy with Lee excelling. Accessorise has a more modern approach, with lots of keyboards and sounds. It is also one of the shortest songs on offer.

By now I guess you will have an idea of this album that for me is another highlight from these artists and maybe even the best one yet. Which is quite a promise for the future…