Dreamtide, Dream And Deliver, 2008

dreamtide - dream and deliverIf this album made one thing clear, than it is I do not own enough titles of Dreamtide. For any serious lover of melodic rock this is a must have. Built upon the distinct vocals of Olaf Senkbeil  and the sometimes ultra high guitar solos of Helge Engelke (instantly recognizable too), this album is a joy to listen to.

From the word go this album grabs your attention. The first tracks are an awesome way to attract the unaware listener. The backing vocals in the second track are wonderful and add light to the already catchy and powerful track. With an unexpected middle 8 solo I might add. There are more arrangements that show a band on top of their game.
The ballad Dancing When The Night Falls is a showcase of talent. True emotion if you ask me. Also the addition of sometimes more funky guitar playing is really working (I am not kidding you). Check Same Star if you will.
So whether this band grooves or rocks, the output is always melodic and uplifting. They cleverly arrange the varied tunes they write and top everything off with confidence in delivery.

I guess I could go on about this gem, but I think I painted the picture here: a true winner. Buy it at all costs.

Personal play tips: A Fool’s Crusade, I Don’t Wanna Wait, Download A Dream. Though a random play will prove my point as well.