Driver, Sons Of Thunder, 2008

driver - sons of thunderSinger Rob Rock needs no introduction here (or else; where have you been?), and guitar player Roy Z is probably best known for writing and producing some very good and successful albums (Bruce Dickinson and others).

Together they created this metal monster that is Sons Of Thunder. It is actually pretty simple to review this. If you like your metal melodic, with great songs and attitude, with heartfelt ballads, with scorching guitar and a steady backing, buy this. Oh, and sometimes the guitars reminded me of Jake E Lee´s Badlands. Which is meant as a compliment.

Yup, the material presented here is very mature and the songs have enough variation between them to keep this vivid, even after repeated play. These are pros and it sounds like it.
That is not to say this is anything new or exceptional. No, it is more traditional and of a constant calibre. But there is little wrong with that in my book. Good music should be appreciated as is, and not because they use 3 bass players and a banjo. Or something even more silly 😉

So that is it really, highly enjoyable stuff!

Personal play tips: Heart´s On Fire, Never Give Up, Tears That I Cry.