Druckfarben, Second Sound, 2014

druckfarben - second soundA band that has long held a place on my “go check them out” list are the Canadians of Druckfarben. Mainly because I was familiar with singer Phil Naro out of the melodic rock circuit and Druckfarben are a prog band. So that made me kinda curious.

If I ought to describe or reference the music of this band, I would name 3 bands: Yes, Kansas and Cairo. Yes because Naro’s voice sometimes sounds surprisingly close to that of Jon Andersson (although with a bit more of an edge to it), as well as because of the complex themes and the addition of a second vocalist. Kansas because of the violin that pops up and because the music also has lots of memorable hooks and Cairo because of the role of the piano.
And I think that also gives a good impression of the music on this second (duhhh) album from the band. And whilst the music is complex with a lot of notes and interaction between the instrumentalists, having a vocalist like Phil Naro also makes sure that the melodies are there when you need them. And melodies are what a lot of people seek for as they make them connect to the songs.

It is safe to say that this album is very good if you, like me, like any of the bands mentioned. It makes me want to go out and buy their first one as well, so if anything, that is a recommendation!