Dudley Taft, Cosmic Radio, 2020

Dudley-Taft-Cosmic-RadioI know many people are tired of the social distancing and everything we have to endure during this strange times. But one of the upsides is that many artists were able to keep recording new songs and release them. So pretty hot on the heels of its predecessor comes another Dudley Taft album. Third time on these pages and still going strong.

I have already mentioned many good things about mister Taft and this new album seamlessly picks up after his previous output. A minor change might be that his daughter Ashley Charmae sings lead on Relentless, which she also co-wrote. She keeps around to sing backing vocals on many tracks, but that is nothing new. Nothing new is also the style. This is still a rock album with many a blues influence. Or maybe a rocking blues album, who am I to know the difference…

But what it also is, is another batch of entertaining tracks, recorded in Muchmore Studio, previously owned by the mighty Peter Frampton. And a bit of that magical vibe might still be hanging there, because Taft does know how to write engaging tunes and exciting solos and knows how to deliver them too.

So more of the good stuff from an inspired musician.