Dusan Jevtovic, Am I Walking Wrong?, 2013

dusan jevtovic - am i walking wrongAnother release of MoonJune Records, yet this time not from Indonesia (I am quite sure the artist name gives that away) but a Spain based Serbian born six string slinger. And a special one as well I might add. All 10 songs on this CD were recorded live in just a couple of days, with Bernat Hernandez handling bass and Marko Djordjevic providing the drums. Yet no matter hoe good they are, the star of the show is of course mister Jevtovic himself, and no wonder, as he wrote the songs as well.

Opening track You Can´t Sing You Can´t Dance might come across as an extended jam they did not know how to stop (despite harbouring some very cool rhythmic and melodic ideas even Robert Fripp would be proud of), the rest of the album proves that this is probably a conscious thing. After all, any guy that can write songs like One On One (Stevie Ray Vaughn says hi), Embracing Simplicity (ouch, so beautiful) or Third Life sure proves he not only knows what he is doing, but also has the chops to pull it off. Isn´t it just great when music makes you forget about vocals and just sucks you in?
That takes a certain tension and a fair amount of accessibility and above all the power to move. As all music should, but that is besides the point here. So don´t let the fusion tag put you off. Even if this takes times to digest, especially if you are not comfortable with the genre, this music is able to reach out and touch anyone that is willing to listen. Tunes, tone and tons of ideas, love this stuff!