Dust Bowl Jokies, Cockaigne Vaudeville, 2014

dust bowl jokies - cockaigne vaudevilleWell, actually this is a reissue of a 2012 release with 2 new tracks. Coming from the Bad Reputation label so its a certified rock album. Just a case of which style… Well an album title like this can only be aiming for the glam crowd. After all, vaudeville and a word that has c*ck in it… With a bit of bite I might add. Sometimes Guns ‘n Roses come to mind. Some big shots behind the production, Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister and Europe to name a few) and Nicko DiMarino, so no wonder the main track Boots On Rocks Off already enjoyed massive airplay around the globe.

And the guys sound like they are up for it as well. Glam needs attitude to work, and that is provided in abundance. Street names present and no doubt the looks will be there as well (no clue on the press info). So it’s enjoyable, if nothing new. But sometimes just listening to something that works as it is supposed to, is fine by me. Songs like Down To The Bone, Lady Lechery or Vulture Culture are sure to fire any party. So it’s 11 tracks and 42 minutes of rock party. Must be many a Saturday night where this serves a purpose!