Dwiki Dharmawan, Rumah Batu, 2018

dwiki dharmawan - rumah batuThird time Indonesian musician Dwiki Dharmawan is present here. I quite like the first, had some doubts about the second, and have lots of troubles with this one…

Again it is not a case of production or musicianship. Moonjune always takes good care of either aspect. For me, no matter how often I listen to the album, I just cannot seem to find a connection with it. Some songs just seem to linger on, others lack any hook or theme. At least in my ears. A combination of Eastern influences with  Western music can be exciting or at least interesting. This goes by and does not stick.

So I guess the moment has come that I have to confess this is just too abstract for me. At least at this moment. Is it a matter of wrong place / wrong time? That is in the future.

For now this is not an album that I will revisit anytime soon. Sorry! Try it out for yourself to find out what you think of it.


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