Dynazty, Renatus, 2013

dynazty - renatusLately I have been hearing lots of good things about Dynazty so I decided to give them a try. And holy cow, this is a kick in the stomach! Coming across as a mixture of Power Metal with neo classical hard rock and some progressive overtones, these Swedes (I guess from the names, but Scandinavian for sure) are talking business here.

This is a crowded genre so to stand apart from the masses you really have to bring something to the table. Well, singer Nils is about as sharp as one A.W. Rose, albeit he´s is just better in any aspect and has far more depth to his voice and delivery. Just my humble opinion of course. Double kick, galloping drums, blistering solos and skull crushing riffs, all there.
From start to finish, this band pours energy and you have no choice as to bang along to the still catchy and melodic songs with massive vocal harmonies from all members of the band. With as some magic sauce, keyboards melodies here and there. A little search told me this is not their second album as I presumed, but already their fourth (at least). So no wonder they are buzzing with confidence.

Killer album from start to finish, and a must for any serious lover of things metal.