Echoes, Nature | Existence, 2010

echoes - nature existanceIf my memory serves me right, this is the first Venezuelan band to make it into my record collection. And what an entry it is. This is easily the surprise of the week!
Strictly speaking I don´t believe this is a 100% Venezuelan effort, as almost all vocalists are guesting. And if  Kamelot ever need to replace Roy Khan, they should lay their hand on Tobias Jansson, who sings the formidable Unfair. And there are some others that blow you away.

Echoes, with 3 guitar players (sometimes on nylon stringed guitars, great) and a keyboardist who also plays slide guitar, have managed to record an impressive album. While most of the moods are symphonic or progressive, sometimes there is so much guitar it borders into metal. But I have nothing against that at all, it actually gives the album some extra spirit. Not that the symphonic parts are bland, no not at all.
This album is filled to the brim with excellent songs and musicianship, so anyone into progressive music with a bite and some very good vocalists, should add this to their collection. You won´t be disappointed!

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