Eichstaedt, My Own Little World, 2012

eichstaedt - my own little worldThe lovely Petra Eichstädt asked me if I would consider writing a piece about her new CD, issued under the Eichstaedt banner. Of course, so this CD has been making regular rounds in my player the last couple of days. Couldn´t be farther away from the music of my previous post, as this is labelled as new age / acoustic guitar.

So the keywords here are small, intimate, calm and the like. Opening track My Own Little World part 1 has the singing of birds accompanying it. And while that is saying a lot about that new age tag, they are not necessary to point out that this music is deliberately easy, focussing on atmosphere rather than technical prowess.

And there is nothing wrong with that. After a busy hectic day, this is great music to calm down to. Petra utilizes guitar, keyboard, blues harp and adds some programming to that. Which brings me to a little criticism. The drums are a bit too simple I think. And while that does support the tracks, the imagination used to create those crafty songs, would not hurt the drums either. But hey, don´t let that steer you away from this peaceful and beautiful music. I especially like the acoustic guitar playing. Lots of feel there. Visit her website to check into this.