Elaine Samuels & Kindred Spirit Band, Elemental, 2019

elaine samuels - elementalIn all honesty, for me this is a tricky one. Despite several spins, I am still unsure if I like what is going on on this album.

But let me take a few steps back first. I guess musically speaking, the progressive folk rock tag is fairly correct, There are flutes and violin, the music is dynamic and diverse and the lyrics are “percesptive and intriguing” to quote the press sheet.

But the problem for me lies in the fact that I think the flutes and violin often come too much to the forefront in the mix. And for me Elaine sings a bit too clinical. Somehow she sounds more focused on singing in tune than on singing with emotion. And for me that kind of kills the joy of listening. It might be just me though!

So if you are into female singers and like folk mixed with prog, you’d better give it a few spins yourself…