Eldorado, Antigravity Sound Machine, 2012

eldorado - antigravity sound machineSpain would not be my first thought when trying to think of a country that brings forth bands that are influenced by the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and other 70´s rock acts. Yet Eldorado proves us all wrong! I already posted about their previous album Golden here and raved about their sound and energy.

Well, 2 years ahead and the guys have lost nothing of their touch! Still expertly produced by Richard Chycki (Rush, Aerosmith, etc.) and still blowing my socks off. There is something about this band that really gets my blood pumping. And it is not only that they have added some Hammond organ to some of the tracks. Or the variation within the tracks. From smooth and subtle to hard driving power grooves from César Sanchez on bass and Javi Planelles on drums. Or the passionate singing of Jesus Trujillo. Let alone the very tasty fretwork of Andres Duende.

Again it´s the songs and the delivery. All the touring just made them better, if that is even possible… Don´t matter if this is labelled as New Vintage Rock, this is a fantastic hard rock band, so better get the album!


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