Eldorado, Golden, 2010

eldorado - goldenOh man, I never saw this coming… This hit me like a ton of bricks and it hurts soooo good! This is the energy of The Black Crowes, the attitude of Deep Purple, the power of AC/DC, mixed with the flavours of Led Zeppelin. And what a mix it is!

These guys are produced by Richard Chycki (Rush) who is becoming a bigger name with every release. But what counts the most are the songs and this band is pouring. The four piece have created an album that every fan of hard rock should own. The riffs hunt you down and get your feet stompin´, the melodies nest in your system like a flu virus and just won´t go away. The rhythms make your head go bang and you won´t be able to stop. The only cure is to hit the repeat button and indulge yourself with another dose. The only downside is the length, with just under 40 minutes it is too short, I want more…
Impressive to say the least, buy at all cost. And as the band´s management is negotiating deals in all territories, that should become easier in a few months time.

Personal play tips: at least wrap your head around the tracks The House Of The 7 Smokestacks, Atlantico and Falling Falling. That will do the trick.


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