Eldorado, Riding The Sun, 2016

eldorado - riding the sunAlas I missed previous album Babylonia Haze, but the albums before that, 2012 Antigravity Sound Machine and 2010 Golden, received a warm welcome here at YMB HQ. This time the band decided to record the album live, capturing the essence of the vibe and magic of their 60-70s inspired music in Brazil Studios, known for their incredible sound recording in tape.  It hardly gets more honest than that.

And honesty and authenticity are words that fit the style of the band to the tee. So the 12 songs on offer (totalling over 48 minutes) rock and groove indeed. Because of the live sound, it is never all too polished either, instead it is raw and in your face. Which is a tailor made suit for the band, as they seem to flourish and deliver with passion and intensity.

Overall the level is high, so it is hard to find songs that outshine the others. The title track opens the album and immediately sets the scene with its mild Eastern flavour and powerful beat. Gossip Crow is another groove monster. Forever On The Run lets the acoustic guitar shine, and the vocal melodies hit home as well. Plastic Flowers reminds me a bit of The Black Crowes, although it may be a bit heavier in the chorus. The Last Goodbye is a beautiful slower song, where a female choir adds a gospel like charm to the mix. As is the (farfisa?) organ, that is also present in some other songs.

Conclusion, the band deliver another set of quality seventies rock that is varied and convincing. Safe buy!