Electric Mind Machine, Self Titled, 2015

Electric Mind MachineNow here is a bit of a surprise from Bad Reputation! Where the label normally does not shy away from hard rocking outfits, this time we get a garage rock band from the LA scene. Who might be friends with the already featured The Love Me Nots. Now don’t know about you, but I am a bit reluctant to use that garage term as I am not sure as to what it hints at. So let’s keep it safe and call this rock with a somewhat punky attitude.

Electric Mind Machine is a collaboration between singer Sara Loera and guitarist Kenneth Wessel. Their sound shows some similarities to Dutch legends Shocking Blue, as the timbre of Loera is not unlike that of Mariska Veres. And the raw fuzzed guitars sound very sixties, as does the clean sound. All that combined might explain the band’s logo…

On to the music then. For me this has a lovely sixties vibe, with that typical organ sound along the already mentioned guitars and vocals. All 10 songs are of single length, so around the 3 minute mark. This creates a pop mentality, melodies that nest themselves quickly in your mind. And look, they do a cover of old Status Quo song Pictures Of Matchstick Men. All in all very retro, but if you, like me, still like to listen to music from way back, this is a thoroughly enjoyable ditty.