Elizabeth Simonian, Moonility, 2012

elizabeth simonian - moonilityAh, some music to calm down to! And not because there is nothing happening. No, Elizabeth Simonian manages to capture your attention with some very soulful vocals and songs that almost feel like watching a painting gallery. Every song paints a picture and has it´s own mood and accompaniment. So whether it is piano, drums and bass in opener Beggar, acoustic guitar and dobro in Moonility, or acoustic guitar with cello in Little One, her voice takes you to faraway places. A more band like track like Running Man still keeps the flow going. The same can be said about Sleepin´Deep which sounds like a track that is destined to be performed in a southern cowboy joint, where whiskey and beer are making their rounds.

In a way I am reminded of the work of Patti Witten, whose music and voice also have that serene quality that is impossible to resist. Great delivery throughout and the album ends way to soon. After all 11 songs in 36 minutes and all killer no filler is in no way outstaying your welcome. Well produced and sounding warm and crystal clear, a joy from start to finish. The ´pop´ tag is not quite covering it, this is way to good for that and incomparable to nowadays hit-parade stormers. Dig in!


PS: What a way to celebrate CD review 500! (not counting the classic series)

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