Elsinore, A Life In The 21st Century, 2019

elsinore - a life in the 21st centuryFrom the midst of the US Midwest come Elsinore, a 5-piece band who consider themselves the spiritual children of David Bowie, The Police and Radiohead. But after a couple of spins I finally remembered who they remind me off the most, Ewian. But that is mainly due to a similar timbre in the lead vocals. And the fact they both share a love of modern pop / rock music and toy around a bit with slightly alternative production techniques.

This makes the 10 tracks and 40+ minutes of music on this CD more Radiohead and Bowie than The Police. But despite that, the songs all have a nice flow and are melodic and thus able to attract you to them. Prize song for me is Walking Around At Night, which, besides building on an irresistible groove, also has a chorus that wins you over at first play.
But I hope you read between the lines that the rest are not fillers. There is a lot of diversity on offer, and while some tracks might take a bit of getting used to, the album is showing a band with mature songwriting and lots of interesting ideas.

Should be enough reason to go check this out!