Emil & The Ecstatics, Rise Again, 2018

emil & the ecstatics - rise againDon’t know about you, but I am not really into blues. I can enjoy it when it gets infused with a healthy dose of rock, but often I find the musical vocabulary pretty limited.

And now Emil & The Ecstatics have landed their new album Rise Again on my desk. It is their fourth, but obviously the first I have been listening to. Going through it a couple of times I noticed a bit of similarity in the singing to Robert Cray. Not bad for a white guy me thinks. Also the guitar sound is not unlike that of Cray. At least to my limited knowledge! Then again, using a strat must be pretty common ha ha.
Another thing worth writing about is the regular use of the hammond organ. Being a big fan of the sound of that, it actually makes it more easy for me to get into the album. This edition has the 8 regular tracks plus 3 bonus ones, with 2 of those being live tracks.

Ultimately, even when this genre isn’t something I will listen to often, I think this is done well. The playing is of course there, the songs have enough variation to hold my attention throughout, even when not all ideas sound very original to my ears.

Overall pretty awesome for some Swedish dudes to pull this thing off and sound like the real deal.