Empires Of Eden, Architect Of Hope, 2015

empires of eden - architect of hopeOf all the releases on Melodic Rock Records so far, this has to be the most metallic one. Even if that is based entirely on short term memory 🙂 Empires Of Eden is a vehicle for Stu Marshall, who wrote the songs, played most of the guitars and bass and mixed and mastered the album. There is a different singer on every song, and they also wrote their own words most of the time. So we get a bunch of who’s who here; Ralf Scheepers, Jeff Martin, Rick Altzi, Mike Dimeo or Tony Webster to name some of them. The drums were laid down by Jasix and other guests are Glenn Williams and Mike Davis on bass, and amongst others Shane French, Richie Hausberger and Metal Mike Chlasciak with guitar solos.

Which in itself makes quite clear what to expect. Ferocious riffing, double kick drumming, screaming and wailing and flashy solos. Yes this is a metal album from start to finish. And on the cover they even seem to burn down Disneyland. Which makes for a nice contradiction with the album’s title… For every metal maniac this will tick all the boxes and if you are not, well you probably already stopped reading before this sentence.