Enbound, And She Says Gold, 2011

enbound - and she says goldRecord Company Inner Wound Recordings must have big hopes for Enbound as everything has been pulled out of the closet to make a lasting impression. A media campaign, stunning CD artwork with a lot of eye for detail by Thomas Ewerhard, a cover of Michael Jackson´s Beat It  on the European Edition, a powerful and warm production, the works.

And you know what, I can understand why! Listening to the album it becomes clear that Enbound are a highly talented quartet. Who are also responsible for recording, mixing and producing by the way. The music is melodic yet rocking, well written and played. A lot of diversity, from melting metal tunes like Combined The Souls or Squeals Of War to awesome ballad like stuff like Frozen To Be (a duet with Lagaylia Frazier) and The Broken Heart. And everything in between. Even the cover of Wacko Jacko is a worthwhile rendition.
So all you lovers of melodic metal, get yourself acquainted to this band. You won´t be disappointed.