Enochian Theory, Evolution, 2008

Enochian Theory - EvolutionThough this came highly recommended here and there, I wasn´t sure what to expect. But this proved to be no disappointment and a very intriguing affair.

So what´s cooking here? Well this band mixes a lot of styles, while trying to sound coherent. I don´t think they have everything 100% together though. By using all these influences (think grunting, (weird) soundscapes, clean guitars, heavy riffing, beautiful orchestrations, multiple vocals, melody, melancholy, and so on), this is going to be an eclectic disk. And I must admit I admire the bands guts. A lot of this I actually enjoy (this needs more spins obviously), but like I mentioned before, not everything operates on the same high level. Or I just need to get more into it?

As I believe this is their first effort, I am sure that this band will grow. For now this mix proves a amusing listen and a growing pleasure. For me they could do without the screaming, but time will tell. Normally I don´t compare bands, but in this case I think some references might help. If you consider bands like Pure Reason Revolution, Coheed and Cambria and or Opeth to your liking, give this lot a listening as well.  By the way, I have no idea what the story behind the name and all is. If someone out there knows, leave a comment. Also needless to say, these guys do know their way around their instruments. No worries there.

Personal play tips: At Great Odds With…, Movement, Waves Of Ascension.