Europe, Bag Of Bones, 2012

Europe - Bag Of BonesAfter considerable success in the famous eighties (The Final Countdown), Europe kind of went into hibernation and saw the various members pursuing other interests and solo and or other band careers. But some 8 years ago they got together again and decided to reinstall the band. Yet this time on their own terms. Start From The Dark was the first release and I think the band have never looked back and went from strength to strength.

And I must admit I admire that spirit. Just doing the things that feel right to them, playing to anyone that wants to listen and not trying to score hits anymore. Not that there is anything against that, but now only with the songs they´re comfortable with.
And does that mean the songs on offer are less then before? To me that is not the case. I am actually tempted to suggest more recent Europe albums are stronger than ever.

And Bag Of Bones is no exception to the rule. Still trying to expand whenever they feel like it, Bag Of Bones is another delightful collection of hard rocking tunes that are carried by the musicianship, the melodies and the feel. More diverse than ever before and still all killer. So the Europe of old may be dead, but long live Europe! May they prosper and keep releasing this quality albums…


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